about brw

BRW interiorWhether it is a large home or small one, whether an addition or renovation, BRW brings the highest level of expertise to each job, and over 178 years of combined construction experience.

In business in Chapel Hill since 1974, BRW holds an unlimited license as General Contractor. Our work is characterized by attention to detail, both in construction quality and cost management. BRW homes are built to standards well in excess of code requirements and have correspondingly long structural warranties.

Too often residential construction is marked by tradesmen working for a fixed sum, anxious to maximize profit by working quickly, sacrificing quality for speed. Too often general contractors have each supervisor manage multiple jobs, spending less than full time and attention on any one of them. The finish layers get more attention than the heart of the house.

At BRW we don't believe it is possible to do a really good trim job on a mediocre frame.

Unlike most contractors, BRW does not subcontract framing, siding and trim. All carpentry work on every BRW house is done by full time BRW personnel working to our company standards. Over the past thirty years we have concentrated on increasing our expertise as carpenters, finding that good work habits from the start result in a better quality throughout the dwelling. In recent years, BRW has completed a dozen or more large budget houses (2 million +) and we continue to do small houses, small architectural gems.

Our four supervisors/crew chiefs, all experienced carpenters, are each a partner in our company. The crew chief and his carpenters are on the job full time from start to finish.

At BRW we also have a well equipped woodworking shop giving us the capacity to produce one of a kind mantels, moldings and trims.

Almost all the work we do is negotiated. Potential clients talk to our former clients, see our finished work and select us as their general contractor. Once that commitment is made, BRW will begin a complete analysis and costing of the proposed project using our own estimate form that we have perfected over the last three decades. This detailed breakdown can usually show us how to affect the final cost up to 20% by identifying the inefficient or overly expensive elements. Clients always take at least some of our cost saving suggestions.

BRW is an open book company. Each client gets a bill each month with copies of every material, labor and tradesman's invoice. BRW's percentage for profit and overhead is expressed as a single number at the end of each bill. It is always possible for each BRW client to tell exactly what the work is costing and exactly what BRW is making.

While no one is perfect, BRW can do four houses at a time almost perfectly. We cannot do five at a time. The result is that clients may have to wait for a crew to become available. If you plan on using BRW, you should make your commitment to us early and get on our schedule. You won't regret it.